CFI in Focus: Large Bank Credit Card and Mortgage Data: A Tale of Two Portfolios

CFI in Focus – In July 2022, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia began publishing a new quarterly series of large bank credit card and mortgage data, also known as Public Y-14 data. The data come from regulatory reporting that the largest banks in the country are required to submit, based on asset and portfolio thresholds.

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Working Paper

Bankruptcy Lawyers and Credit Recovery

WP 24-10 – The author studies how bankruptcy law firm advertisements affect credit recovery of households in financial distress.

LIFE Survey Report – January 2024

This report is the first in a quarterly series on key observations from the Labor, Income, Finances, and Expectations (LIFE) Survey. Data from the survey provide insight into consumers’ recent financial lives and their future expectations.

Consumer Credit

Working Paper

CECL Implementation and Model Risk in Uncertain Times: An Application to Consumer Finance

WP 24-03 – I examine the challenges of economic forecasting and model misspecification errors confronted by financial institutions implementing the novel current expected credit loss (CECL) allowance methodology and its impact on model risk and bias in CECL projections.

Featured Data

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Advancing Fairness in Lending Through Machine Learning

Showcasing the work of Philadelphia Fed researchers, this interactive data visualization explores an approach to credit lending using machine learning and fairness goals that may help address current disparities in credit access.

Updated: 05 Feb ’24

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CFI COVID-19 Survey of Consumers

To gain insights into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on financial security in the U.S., the Consumer Finance Institute at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia conducted a series of national surveys of consumers beginning in April 2020 and concluding in April 2022.

Updated: 30 May ’23

Philadelphia’s History of Racially Restricted Housing

As part of the Philadelphia Fed’s efforts to understand how housing affects the economy in our District, our researchers are studying the links between past housing discrimination and present-day outcomes.

Updated: 20 Feb ’24