Is It Risky for the Government to Double Down on Its Investment in Mortgage Markets Just When a Boom Is Ending?

Research in Focus — When housing markets threaten to fall, two government-sponsored entities are shown to invest opportunistically, aiming to support their own mortgage portfolios.

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More Than Shelter: The Effects of Rental Eviction Moratoria on Household Well-Being

WP 22-10 – We investigate the impact of 2020 COVID-19 rental eviction moratoria on household well-being.

Banking Trends: Discrimination in Mortgage Markets

Economic Insights — We look at some new data to see if automated underwriting has banished racial discrimination from the mortgage markets.

Q&A: Larry Cordell on Recent Mortgage Forbearance and Delinquency Data

The Bank’s senior vice president of the Risk Assessment, Data Analysis, and Research (RADAR) Group expands on the latest mortgage forbearance data.