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Consumer Finance

Working Paper

Household Mortgage Refinancing Decisions Are Neighbor Influenced

WP 21-16 – Can social influence effects help explain regional heterogeneity in refinancing activity?

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Mortgage Markets

Working Paper

“Sort Selling”: Political Polarization and Residential Choice

WP 21-14 – Partisanship and political polarization are salient features of today’s society. We merge deeds records with voter rolls and show that political polarization is more than just “political cheerleading.”

CFI COVID-19 Survey of Consumers – Wave 7

This report shares results from Wave 7 of a national survey of consumers investigating the effects of COVID-19 on renters and mortgage holders, with updates to previous data on job and income loss and financial security.

Recent Data on Mortgage Forbearance: Borrower Uptake and Understanding of Lender Accommodations

This research brief examines data relating to mortgage forbearance using responses to the January 2021 COVID-19 Survey of Consumers conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s Consumer Finance Institute.