Is Loan Volume Becoming Concentrated Among Too Few Online Mortgage Providers?

Research in Focus — By studying a period of substantial regulatory change and technological innovation, three researchers identify shifts in market concentration within the U.S. mortgage market.

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Working Paper

California Wildfires, Property Damage, and Mortgage Repayment

WP 23-05/R – This paper examines wildfires’ impact on mortgage repayment using novel data that combines property-level damages and mortgage performance data.

CFI in Focus: A Guide to the Philadelphia Fed’s Multifaceted Contributions to Housing and Mortgage Research and Policy

The Philadelphia Fed has one of the largest concentrations of housing and mortgage experts in the Federal Reserve System. This CFI in Focus article describes how we engage in housing- and mortgage-related topics in monetary policy, bank supervision, public outreach and convenings, and in producing research and data resources.

From Deceit to Default: Dishonest Borrowers and Their Effect on Mortgage Markets

Research in Focus — By analyzing a broad segment of the U.S. mortgage market, three researchers show how fraudulent borrowers play a prominent role in driving up risk in housing markets.