The Economy

We produce and compile research and data on the overall economy, banking and financial markets. Our goal is to help financial institutions operate in a safe manner and support a robust U.S. financial system.

Coworkers with masks in an office, sitting socially distant, with an "x" marking seats not to be used between them.

How Is Innovation Impacted by Social Distancing?

Research in Focus – The Philly Fed's Jeffrey Lin and Chris Severen join three other economists in studying how social restrictions during the 1918 pandemic affected innovation.

Weekly Labor Market Information

Analysis of unemployment insurance claims and other weekly data for the tri-state region and the U.S.

Monetary Policy


The Graying of Household Debt in the U.S.

Economic Insights — Thanks to an aging population, continuously falling interest rates, and the Great Recession, more debt is held by older Americans today than ever before.



Measuring Technology Adoption: What Can Job Ads Tell Us?

Research in Focus — Sarada of the Wisconsin School of Business and the Fed’s Enghin Atalay uncover a novel way to measure how firms adopt technology.

The Economy



Many of our economists conduct research in areas of macro- and microeconomics and regularly contribute to policy discussions. You can find out more about these economists and their work by clicking on the highlighted names below.