The Economy

We produce and compile research and data on the overall economy, banking and financial markets. Our goal is to help financial institutions operate in a safe manner and support a robust U.S. financial system.

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Rectifying Shortcomings in Measured Employer-to-Employer Flows in the U.S. Labor Market

Research in Focus – Shigeru Fujita of the Philadelphia Fed and his coauthors improve upon a measure of direct employer-to-employer transitions by accounting for missing survey data responses.

State Coincident Indexes

Monthly index of general economic conditions for each of the 50 states

Regional Economics

Working Paper

Commuting, Labor, and Housing Market Effects of Mass Transportation: Welfare and Identification

WP 18-14/R – I study Los Angeles Metro Rail’s effects using panel data on bilateral commuting flows, a quantitative spatial model, and historically motivated quasi-experimental research designs.

When COVID-19 Reached the Corporate Bond Market

Economic Insights — At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, several key markets faced serious trouble. We take a closer look at what happened in the corporate bond market, and at the Fed's efforts to help.

The Economy



Many of our economists conduct research in areas of macro- and microeconomics and regularly contribute to policy discussions. You can find out more about these economists and their work by clicking on the highlighted names below.