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Consumer Credit


CFI COVID-19 Survey of Consumers – Wave 7

This report shares results from Wave 7 of a national survey of consumers investigating the effects of COVID-19 on renters and mortgage holders, with updates to previous data on job and income loss and financial security.

Occupational Mobility Explorer

The Occupational Mobility Explorer allows users to examine how workers’ skills could transfer to similar — but higher-paying — occupations. Findings are available for the 33 largest U.S. metropolitan areas.


Weekly Labor Market Information

Analysis of unemployment insurance claims and other weekly data for the tri-state region and the U.S.

PEAD.txt: Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift Using Text

WP 21-07 – We construct a new numerical measure of earnings announcement surprises, standardized unexpected earnings call text (SUE.txt), that does not explicitly incorporate the reported earnings value.


Working Paper

On the Aggregation of Probability Assessments: Regularized Mixtures of Predictive Densities for Eurozone Inflation and Real Interest Rates

WP 21-06 – We propose methods for constructing regularized mixtures of density forecasts.

Mortgage Markets

Working Paper

Eviction Risk of Rental Housing: Does It Matter How Your Landlord Finances the Property?

WP 21-05 – We show, using a stylized model, how the financing choice of landlords can impact eviction decisions in rental markets.