Daniel Moulton

Daniel Moulton

Senior Manager, Data Science and Engineering, Consumer Finance Institute

Areas of Expertise

Daniel Moulton brings his combined love of history and data to work every day as the senior manager of data science and engineering for the Consumer Finance Institute (CFI). He is particularly interested in researching how policies, laws, systemic bias, and technological innovation create infrastructure and neighborhoods, and how different environments have shaped and continue to shape economic welfare. This interest extends to understanding how policies and laws not only affect the short-term outcomes of people’s ability to borrow and establish a credit profile but also impact long-run outcomes and cause structural inequalities.

Dan approaches data management from analytical and engineering frameworks. He considers how data can be structured, maintained, and validated to facilitate research across the CFI and the System. Additionally, on the engineering front, he looks to see how the CFI can gather and clean more types and sources of data and to augment the department's machine learning knowledge in service of expanding the types of research he and CFI does. This hybrid approach comes from the 10 years Dan spent working in data science/data engineering roles in the private sector, including at HotelTonight, Palantir Technologies, Airbnb, and Bridgewater Associates.

Dan has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Princeton University. Dan's engineering expertise is primarily focused on Python, Spark, SQL, machine learning and data engineering.