Housing, Jobs, Credit Access, and the Power of Communities Coming Together

Since 2020, more than 350 cross-sector community partners in 38 communities across 20 states have joined the Philadelphia Fed's Reinventing Our Communities (ROC) Cohort Program to work together on expanding opportunity and strengthening their local economies. In this article, we highlight the impact several cohorts have made.

Featured Work

The Precarious Road to Asset Building: Illuminating Structures of Inequality in Philadelphia

This report details the experiences of 39 Philadelphians with systems that interact with asset building and financial well-being: mortgage refinancing, student debt, and criminal legal debt. It is part of a two-year project exploring wealth inequality in Philadelphia.

Plugged In: Tools, Skills, and Inclusion in an Increasingly Digital World

Having access to digital devices, high-speed broadband, and basic digital skills is increasingly important, but for some communities, making digital connections can be challenging. Since 2020, partners from across Pennsylvania have been working collaboratively through a Research in Action Lab to make digital tools and skills more accessible to everyone.

Beyond Broadband: Device Access and Digital Equity in Pennsylvania

This research looks at disparities in digital device access in Pennsylvania to help state and local policymakers understand where gaps exist.


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Regional Economic Growth and Mobility Dashboard

The dashboard organizes the metrics from the Third Federal Reserve District into issue areas that include overall prosperity, quality job creation, education and workforce development, and infrastructure and affordable housing.

Updated: 23 Jan ’19

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Rental Housing Affordability

The Rental Housing Affordability data tool enables users to examine trends in rental housing affordability in Third District states from 2011 to 2018.

Updated: 26 Oct ’20

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Community Profiles

The Community Development and Regional Outreach Department has compiled information on each region within the Third Federal Reserve District and has developed a suite of materials that the department calls community profiles.

Updated: 18 Jul ’23