What Explains the Great Resignation?

Economic Insights — It’s no surprise that quits rise in a tight labor market, but the scale of quits in 2021 came as a shock. We evaluate three explanations for what some call the Great Resignation.

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A Measure of the Anchor Economy’s Impact and Importance

New research provides insight into regional economic change and anchor reliance. In this article, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick T. Harker shares his perspective on leveraging these data to understand both underlying trends in regional economies and future needs.

Economic Reliance on Anchor Institutions

An analysis of new data provides insight into how regional economic change and a region’s reliance on anchor institutions intersect.

Occupational Segregation and the Role of the Public Workforce System: An Examination of Individual Training Accounts

This report explores the segregation of occupations by gender, race, and ethnicity in the U.S. labor market overall and in the training that participants in the public workforce system pursue.

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Anchor Economy Dashboard

Explore the economic impact of anchor institutions in 524 regions across the U.S. The reliance index demonstrates how dependent regional economies are on these institutions and provides a measure of the national average.

Updated: 27 Sep ’22

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Occupational Mobility Explorer

The Occupational Mobility Explorer allows users to examine how workers’ skills could transfer to similar — but higher-paying — occupations. Findings are available for the 33 largest U.S. metropolitan areas.

Updated: 14 Dec ’20