Regional Spotlight: How Third District Firms Were Impacted by COVID-19

Economic Insights — Starting early in the pandemic, Elif Sen began surveying Third District businesses every week. The first few weeks of responses tell us a lot about how they're faring during these unprecedented times.

Featured Work

Regional Economics

Working Paper

The Well-Being of Nations: Estimating Welfare from International Migration

WP 19-33 Revised - The limitations of GDP as a measure of welfare are well known. We propose a new method of estimation the well-being of nations.

Regional Economics

Working Paper

What Future for History Dependence in Spatial Economics?

WP 20-47 - History (sometimes) matters for the location and sizes of cities and neighborhood segregation patterns within cities.

Regional Economics

Working Paper

Lockdowns and Innovation: Evidence from the 1918 Flu Pandemic

WP 20-46 — Does social distancing harm innovation? We estimate the effect of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) — policies that restrict interactions in an attempt to slow the spread of disease on local invention.

Featured Data

Generic line chart

Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey

Monthly survey of manufacturers in the Third District

Updated: 18 Feb ’21

Map of the United States

State Leading Indexes

Six-month forecast of the coincident index for each of the 50 states

Updated: April 29, 2020

Generic line chart with two lines

COVID-19 Business Outlook Survey

Special survey (now monthly, previously weekly) of firms in the Third District

Updated: 23 Dec ’20

November 2019 Map

State Coincident Indexes

Monthly index of general economic conditions for each of the 50 states

Updated: 29 Jan ’21

Generic line chart

Nonmanufacturing Business Outlook Survey

Monthly survey of nonmanufacturing businesses in the Third District

Updated: 23 Feb ’21

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Third District Beige Book

Qualitative assessment of economic conditions in the Third District released prior to each FOMC meeting

Updated: 13 Jan ’21