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How Effective Are Place-Based Industrial Policies?

Research in Focus — Enghin Atalay of the Philadelphia Fed and his coauthors study place-based subsidy programs, including their impact on reducing wage inequality between Turkey’s various provinces.

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Climate Shocks in the Anthropocene Era: Should Net Domestic Product Be Affected by Climate Disasters?

WP 23-24 – How to include climate costs in measures of growth? Property damages from climate change have cost us well over $1 trillion. We show how climate costs, by raising depreciation, result in slower growth of U.S. net domestic product.

Regional Economics

Working Paper

Urban Renewal and Inequality: Evidence from Chicago’s Public Housing Demolitions

WP 23-19 – This paper studies the impacts on individuals’ welfare of public housing demolitions sponsored by the HOPE VI program in Chicago.

Regional Economics

Working Paper

The Evolution of Local Labor Markets After Recessions

WP 22-16/R – Local areas that have more severe employment losses during recessions experience highly persistent declines in employment, population, employment-to-population ratios, and earnings per capita.

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Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey

Monthly survey of manufacturers in the Third District

Updated: 16 Nov ’23

Map of the United States

State Leading Indexes

Six-month forecast of the coincident index for each of the 50 states

Updated: April 29, 2020

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COVID-19 Business Outlook Survey

Special survey (now monthly, previously weekly) of firms in the Third District

Updated: 23 Dec ’20

November 2019 Map

State Coincident Indexes

Monthly index of general economic conditions for each of the 50 states

Updated: 22 Nov ’23

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Nonmanufacturing Business Outlook Survey

Monthly survey of nonmanufacturing businesses in the Third District

Updated: 21 Nov ’23

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Third District Beige Book

Qualitative assessment of economic conditions in the Third District released prior to each FOMC meeting

Updated: 29 Nov ’23