A Quantitative Model for Mapping the Consequences of Public Housing Demolitions

Research in Focus — Using Chicago’s housing stock as the basis for a quantitative model, the authors reveal the household-level economic consequences of demolishing public housing.

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Exploring an Unexpected Driver of Racial Segregation and Its Long-Term Effects on Economic Mobility

Research in Focus — A study of racial segregation finds negative consequences for long-term economic mobility, yielding evidence of a little-studied enabler of segregation itself: railroad location.

Regional Spotlight: Homicides and Poverty

Economic Insights — According to the economic literature, there is a strong relationship between homicides and poverty. But the full story is far more complicated.

Regional Economics

Working Paper

Who Bears Climate-Related Physical Risk?

WP 23-29 – This paper combines data on current and future property-level physical risk from major climate-related perils (storms, floods, hurricanes, and wildfires) that owner-occupied single-family residences face with data on local economic characteristics to study the geographic and demographic distribution of such risks in the contiguous United States.

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Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey

Monthly survey of manufacturers in the Third District

Updated: 16 May ’24

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State Leading Indexes

Six-month forecast of the coincident index for each of the 50 states

Updated: April 29, 2020

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COVID-19 Business Outlook Survey

Special survey (now monthly, previously weekly) of firms in the Third District

Updated: 23 Dec ’20

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State Coincident Indexes

Monthly index of general economic conditions for each of the 50 states

Updated: 22 May ’24

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Nonmanufacturing Business Outlook Survey

Monthly survey of nonmanufacturing businesses in the Third District

Updated: 21 May ’24

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Third District Beige Book

Qualitative assessment of economic conditions in the Third District released prior to each FOMC meeting

Updated: 29 May ’24