Banking Trends: Regulatory Changes and Community Banks During COVID

Economic Insights — During the pandemic the banks that took advantage of the Community Bank Leverage Ratio (CBLR) acted quite differently than those that did not.

Featured Work

Consumer Bankruptcy, Mortgage Default and Labor Supply

WP 22-26 – We investigate the impact of bankruptcy legislation on different education groups and find that BAPCPA affected the low-education and low-income group much more negatively than the high-education and high-income group.

PEAD.txt: Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift Using Text

WP 21-07/R – We construct a new numerical measure of earnings announcement surprises, standardized unexpected earnings call text (SUE.txt), that does not explicitly incorporate the reported earnings value.

Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises, Revisited

WP 20-03/R - We revisit self-fulfilling rollover crises by exploring the potential uncertainty introduced by a gap (however small) between an auction of new debt and the payment of maturing liabilities.

Featured Data

Map of the Third Federal Reserve District

Institutions in the Third District

The lists include a summary of market statistics and each institution’s location and asset size as of the most recent quarter.

Updated: 16 Dec ’22

Map of the Third Federal Reserve District

Third District Banking Conditions

Third District Banking Conditions is a semiannual report comparing the trends of Third District community banks with their national peers.

Updated: 07 Oct ’22