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CFI in Focus: Understanding Older Student Loan Borrowers

CFI in Focus – The share of student debt held by older borrowers has increased substantially since 2003. This report examines the magnitude of this rise and offers reasons to explain this trend in borrowing.

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Discussion Paper

The Lingering Fiscal Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Higher Education

DP 21-01 – The unprecedented challenges from COVID-19 present many institutions of higher education with liquidity, and even solvency, concerns.

CFI COVID-19 Survey of Consumers – Wave 6

This report shares results from Wave 6 of a national survey of consumers investigating COVID-19 impacts on job status, income, and personal financial security.

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Conference Summary

Summary of the Symposium on Institutions of Higher Education: Financial Viability and COVID-19

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s Consumer Finance institute (CFI) held a virtual symposium on May 12, 2021, on the topic of financial health and stability of higher education institutions.