Community Development

To support the growth of an inclusive economy, we work with low- and moderate-income communities to increase access to credit, quality jobs, education, and housing. We also help financial institutions understand their responsibilities under the Community Reinvestment Act.

Updated Estimates of Home Repairs Needs and Costs and Spotlight on Weatherization Assistance

A safe, livable home is the foundation of household well-being. A brief provides updated estimates of U.S. home repair costs and needs. An accompanying spotlight examines low-income homeowners and their eligibility for weatherization assistance.

Community Development and Regional Outreach Visiting Scholars

Academics, experts, and thinkers with focus areas aligned with the Community Development and Regional Outreach department are key collaborators as participants in the Visiting Scholars Program.

Occupational Mobility Explorer

The Occupational Mobility Explorer allows users to examine how workers’ skills could transfer to similar — but higher-paying — occupations. Findings are available for the 33 largest U.S. metropolitan areas.


Bank Branch Closures and Banking Deserts in the Third Federal Reserve District States

This report finds that the loss rate of bank branches in the Third District states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware more than doubled during the pandemic.





Integrating Economic Inclusion to Strengthen Local Economies

3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.


Research in Action Lab: Anchors for Equity

How can anchor institutions partner to address workforce challenges in their local communities? A new collaboration between the Anchor Economy Initiative and the Economic Growth & Mobility Project seeks to explore this important question, and more. Organizations in the Third District are invited to learn more about this unique opportunity.