Community Development

To support the growth of an inclusive economy, we work with low- and moderate-income communities to increase access to credit, quality jobs, education, and housing. We also help financial institutions understand their responsibilities under the Community Reinvestment Act.

The Precarious Road to Asset Building: Illuminating Structures of Inequality in Philadelphia

This report details the experiences of 39 Philadelphians with systems that interact with asset building and financial well-being: mortgage refinancing, student debt, and criminal legal debt. It is part of a two-year project exploring wealth inequality in Philadelphia.

Small Business Credit Survey: 2023 Insights from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Metro, and the Third District States

Using data from the Fed’s Small Business Credit Survey: 2023 Report on Employer Firms, four briefs offer a snapshot of small business conditions in our District.

Community Profiles

The Community Development and Regional Outreach Department has compiled information on each region within the Third Federal Reserve District and has developed a suite of materials that the department calls community profiles.


Reinventing Our Communities (ROC) Cohort Program

The ROC Cohort Program is an in-depth racial equity training program for cross-sector community groups across the U.S. to apply local solutions to increase opportunity and strengthen local economies.





Advancing Homeownership Opportunity: An Update on Recent Innovations

12:00 noon–1:30 p.m.


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Community Development and Regional Outreach Visiting Scholars

Academics, experts, and thinkers with focus areas aligned with the Community Development and Regional Outreach department are key collaborators as participants in the Visiting Scholars Program.

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New Jersey Small Business Ecosystem Toolkit

This toolkit offers potential solutions to address the unique financial challenges facing New Jersey’s small business owners.