Regional Economic Growth and Mobility Dashboard

The dashboard organizes the metrics from the Third Federal Reserve District into issue areas that include overall prosperity, quality job creation, education and workforce development, and infrastructure and affordable housing. These issue areas align with the goals of the Philadelphia Fed’s Economic Growth & Mobility Project.

Taken together, the data offer more than just a broad picture of a metro area’s economic well-being. They also reveal insights into gender and racial inequities, and disparities in wealth, inclusivity, and growth opportunities across the District.


To view a Regional Economic Growth and Mobility Dashboard scorecard, click on the desired metro area on the map.


Overall Prosperity provides a general overview of the metro area’s economy, with data on poverty rates, gross regional product per capita, labor force participation rates, median household income, and net migration of 25-to-34-year-olds.


Job Creation highlights the employment situation in each metro area, with data on the employment gap between white and nonwhite residents, the percentage of adult females employed, the percentage of jobs classified as family sustaining, the yearly percentage change in jobs, and average weekly wages.


Education and Workforce Development reveals skills-based barriers to economic success, with data on the education level of the 25-and-older population, the percentage of employment considered to be opportunity occupations (jobs that pay above the median wage and don’t require a four-year degree), and high school graduation rates for white and African American students.


Infrastructure and Affordable Housing illuminates persistent structural challenges, with data on access to high-speed broadband and public transit, along with commute times, median gross rent as a percentage of household income, and rental cost burden.

Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs)


      Please address any questions or comments about the Regional Economic Growth and Mobility Dashboard to Ashley Putnam.