Bryan Stuart

Bryan Stuart

Economic Advisor and Economist

Areas of Expertise

Bryan Stuart joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia in 2021 as a senior economist in the Research Department. His current research focuses on labor and urban economics, with an emphasis on how economic opportunity is shaped by recessions, migration, and government policy.

“Cities and labor markets play a major role in shaping the well-being of people and communities, and research can shed light on how to enhance opportunities for all,” Bryan said. His research has documented the long-lasting negative consequences that children and local areas face after recessions. He also has studied how people decide where to live and, in turn, how these location choices affect cities and people. Several of his papers examine the impact of the Great Migration, which reshaped the nation’s economic and demographic life as millions of African Americans left the South and moved to cities. His research has appeared in a number of journals, including the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, International Economic Review, and the Journal of Labor Economics. He is also a research affiliate at IZA – Institute of Labor Economics, and previously, he was an assistant professor in the Economics Department at George Washington University.

Bryan has a Ph.D. in economics and an M.A. in economics, both from the University of Michigan, and a B.A. in mathematics and a B.S. in business from Indiana University.