COVID-19 Business Outlook Survey

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and our colleagues in Districts around the country continue to monitor the economy to better understand the scope of the economic damage this pandemic is causing. Given the severity of the economic shock and the speed with which the economy has changed, we are compiling relevant data for the regional and national economy with an emphasis on more timely, higher-frequency information. This includes the Weekly Labor Market Information reports for our three-state region and the nation.

In the latter half of March, we launched a weekly survey of businesses in the Third District on COVID-19 impacts on aspects of firm demand, production, and employment. This weekly information was most valuable for tracking the economy upward and restoring confidence — as businesses began to reopen and workers were called back. After collecting 16 weeks of survey data, the weekly survey ended in early July and was replaced with a special monthly survey, which continued to track many of the same questions, through early October.

Going forward, the Philadelphia Fed will cease the special monthly survey. Instead, the core impacts question has been incorporated into the monthly Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey and Nonmanufacturing Business Outlook Survey as a recurring special question. The Philadelphia Fed will be releasing combined results to that question on this page as a continuation of the COVID-19 Business Outlook Survey.

The results and charts for the monthly COVID-19 Business Outlook Survey and its weekly predecessor can be found below.

COVID Business Outlook Survey Chart

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Last updated: December 23, 2020, 3:00 PM EST