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Working Paper

Has COVID Reversed Gentrification in Major U.S. Cities? An Empirical Examination of Residential Mobility in Gentrifying Neighborhoods During the COVID-19 Crisis

WP 22-20 – This paper examines whether neighborhoods that had been gentrifying lost their appeal during the pandemic because of COVID-induced health risks and increased work-from-home arrangements.

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Working Paper

The Causal Effects of Lockdown Policies on Health and Macroeconomic Outcomes

WP 22-18 – We assess the causal impact of epidemic-induced lockdowns on health and macroeconomic outcomes. We find that additional government-mandated mobility curtailments would have reduced deaths at a very small cost in terms of GDP.

Examining Resolution of Mortgage Forbearances and Delinquencies – July/August 2022

New in July/August — “Are Mortgage Delinquencies and Forbearances Settling into a New Normal?”



Labor Market Recovery During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Economic Insights — After most recessions, the labor market recovers slowly. But the labor market didn't follow the typical playbook after COVID hit.

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CFI COVID-19 Survey of Consumers Data

To gain insights into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on financial security in the U.S., the Consumer Finance Institute at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia conducted a series of national surveys of consumers beginning in April 2020 and concluding in April 2022.

Updated: 15 Nov ’22

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Weekly Labor Market Information

Analysis of unemployment insurance claims and other weekly data for the tri-state region and the U.S.

Updated: 10 Nov ’21

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COVID-19 Business Outlook Survey

Special survey (now monthly, previously weekly) of firms in the Third District

Updated: 23 Dec ’20