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Renters’ Experiences During COVID-19

This research brief provides new evidence of how the COVID-19 pandemic has increased housing insecurity among renters and how households have navigated this ongoing hardship.

Featured Work

Mortgage Markets

Working Paper

Inequality in the Time of COVID-19: Evidence from Mortgage Delinquency and Forbearance

WP 21-09 – Using a novel database that combines mortgage servicing records, credit-bureau data, and loan application information, we show that lower-income and minority borrowers have significantly higher nonpayment rates during the COVID-19 pandemic, even after controlling for conventional risk factors.

CFI COVID-19 Survey of Consumers – Wave 7

This report shares results from Wave 7 of a national survey of consumers investigating the effects of COVID-19 on renters and mortgage holders, with updates to previous data on job and income loss and financial security.

Mortgage Markets

Working Paper

Eviction Risk of Rental Housing: Does It Matter How Your Landlord Finances the Property?

WP 21-05 – We show, using a stylized model, how the financing choice of landlords can impact eviction decisions in rental markets.

Featured Data

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COVID-19 Business Outlook Survey

Special survey (now monthly, previously weekly) of firms in the Third District

Updated: 23 Dec ’20

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Weekly Labor Market Information

Analysis of unemployment insurance claims and other weekly data for the tri-state region and the U.S.

Updated: 25 Feb ’21

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COVID-19: Cases and Deaths

Using the latest Johns Hopkins University data for three states, we are regularly updating this page with the latest numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the Third District.

Updated: 02 Mar ’21