We also conduct public outreach and share data analysis with stakeholders System-wide and worldwide. We have the highest standards for our research, and we strive to recruit and retain top talent.

Our economists typically hold a Ph.D. in economics or finance from a U.S. university; many also have an international background. We hire some of our economists straight from top graduate programs. Others are former faculty (often tenured) at top schools.

These economists are experts in a variety of subjects, including financial, labor, and consumer markets; banking regulation; regional and urban economics; and the behavior of the economy as a whole. They regularly publish their research as Bank working papers and in academic journals. They also make policy recommendations, write for the general public, and speak to business, government, and academic groups locally and globally.

We provide many resources to help our economists produce their high-quality research:

  • High-performance computing
  • Sensitive data and classified information
  • Real-time collaboration opportunities with colleagues worldwide 
  • Flexibility to accommodate an economist's ideas and body of work 
  • Solutions tailored to each economist's needs
  • A cohort of skilled research assistants and interns
  • Editors, designers, librarians, and other experienced support staff

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