Livingston Survey

The Livingston Survey was started in 1946 by the late columnist Joseph Livingston. It is the oldest continuous survey of economists' expectations. It summarizes the forecasts of economists from industry, government, banking, and academia. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia took responsibility for the survey in 1990.

The Livingston Survey's web page offers the actual releases, documentation, mean and median forecasts of all the respondents as well as the individual responses from each economist. The individual responses are kept confidential by using identification numbers.

Recent Releases

Last updated: June 14, 2024, 10:00 AM EST



Documentation:  Provides information on all variables, transformations, and files in the survey. Last update: April 2022

Data Sources and Descriptions:  Shows the specifications of the economic variables being forecast. Last update: December 2014

Academic Bibliography: Contains a comprehensive list of academic articles that discuss or use the Livingston Survey.

Business Review article:  "The Livingston Survey: Still Useful After All These Years"

Dates of Previous Surveys:  Shows the release dates of previous surveys