Fatima Mboup

Fatima Mboup

Research Associate

Areas of Expertise

Fatima Mboup is a research associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. She focuses on real-time macroeconomic data for the U.S. economy, macroeconomic surveys, and macroeconomic modeling. Her interests in macroeconomics stem directly from learning about the Great Recession and wanting to prevent it from happening again. Fatima’s work in macroeconomics helps her understand the health of the economy, and she intends to continue building her knowledge base in order to be better equipped during future recessions.

Since joining the Bank as an intern in 2014, Fatima has enjoyed seeing useful data sets come to life. She is most proud of expanding the Federal Reserve Board Tealbook (formerly Greenbook) data set to what it is today. The Tealbook/Greenbook and the Aruoba Term Structure of Inflation Expectations are among several data sets and products that she manages, along with her responsibility of administering the oldest continuous survey of economists’ expectations, the Livingston Survey. 

Fatima has an M.A. in economics and a B.A. in mathematical economics from Temple University.