The following list contains academic articles that either discuss or use the data generated by the Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF). This survey was started by Victor Zarnowitz at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and the staffs at the NBER and the American Statistical Association (ASA). The survey was commonly referred to as the ASA-NBER Survey in the academic literature. The name was changed when the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia took over responsibility for the survey. Good background articles on the early years of the survey as well as the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s current role are contained in Zarnowitz (1968) and Croushore and Stark (2019), Economic Insights, “Fifty Years of the Survey of Professional Forecasters.”

The Survey of Professional Forecasters is just one of the time series used in empirical research on the formation of macroeconomic expectations. Other important series are the Livingston Survey, also conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and the University of Michigan’s Survey of Consumers. A page similar to this one and related to research that uses the Livingston Survey is also available.

The following bibliography consists of all papers we know of that use SPF data. Any help with this page would be greatly appreciated. All correspondence and questions can be directed to

Sources using data from the Survey of Professional Forecasters include:

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