The Survey of Professional Forecasters exists because of the work of many people since 1968. Victor Zarnowitz was instrumental in keeping the survey alive when the NBER dropped it in 1990 and in encouraging the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia to take over the survey. Many of our past records for the survey came from him. In addition, Bob Allison and Wayne Gray of the NBER helped us with many questions about the survey after we took over.

A number of researchers have helped us identify problems with the data set, so that we could clean up obvious typos in the survey responses. They include S. Boragan Aruoba, Albert Lee Chun, Elliott Martin, Paul Söderlind, Christopher Sims, Anthony S. Tay, and Jennifer Young.

Finally, we thank past employees of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia who worked hard to keep the survey going: Yunqi Han, Leonard Mills, and Amy Steiner.

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