Tosmai Puenpatom

Tosmai Puenpatom

Senior Economic Analyst

Areas of Expertise

Tosmai Puenpatom focuses on labor markets in the Third District. He is responsible for producing the monthly State Coincident Indexes report, which combines four state-level indicators into a single statistic that summarizes current economic conditions in each of the 50 states. Results from the coincident indexes and the Early Benchmark program — another statistical tool that Tosmai applies to get an accurate picture of the labor market — are both used regularly in briefs that help shape the Philadelphia Fed’s views on monetary policy.

The coincident indexes draw attention from the private sector, the media, and state governments, who use them to gauge economic growth in the states. Tosmai presented on the coincident indexes at the National Association for Business Economics’ 2015 Economic Measurement Seminar, a gathering that includes many of the foremost economics professionals in the U.S.

Tosmai joined the Philadelphia Fed after working in health-care research, where he used his expertise in quantitative and analytical statistics to study health-care utilization and drug safety issues. Tosmai has a doctorate degree in economics and a master’s degree in statistics from Washington State University.