M1 and M2

We need a "deep history" report for vintages February 1981 and May 1981 for M1 and M2.

Reserves (as computed by the Board of Governors)

We have been unsuccessful in locating deep history reports for use in adding reserves data to data sets prior to AUG67.wk1. For the same reason, we are unable to provide reserves data in the following data sets: NOV69.wk1, FEB70.wk1, MAY70.wk1, AUG70.wk1, NOV70.wk1, FEB71.wk1, MAY71.wk1, AUG71.wk1, NOV71.wk1, FEB72.wk1, NOV75.wk1, FEB76.wk1, MAY78.wk1, AUG78.wk1, NOV78.wk1, FEB79.wk1, MAY79.wk1, AUG79.wk1, NOV79.wk1, FEB80.wk1, NOV82.wk1, FEB83.wk1, MAY83.wk1, AUG83.wk1, NOV84.wk1, FEB85.wk1, MAY85.wk1, FEB92.wk1, and MAY92.wk1.

In the data sets AUG85.wk1 to FEB86.wk1, the reserves series contain a break over which observations are missing. The period of missing observations—denoted by NA—is 1965:1 to 1967:12. (Our deep history source for these data sets was missing the page on which these observations should have appeared.)

If you know where we can find any of these data, please e-mail tom.stark@phil.frb.org at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

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