Wenli Li

Wenli Li

Senior Economic Advisor and Economist

Areas of Expertise

Originally trained in macroeconomics, Wenli Li began to study consumer finance issues and their implications on the macroeconomy during her time at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 2002. Her prolific body of research sheds light on bankruptcy, credit access, and mortgage defaults/foreclosures and how these impact the broader economy. She is interested in hearing multiple and diverse viewpoints, especially during tough economic times, from a variety of colleagues in academia and on Wall Street.

Wenli joined the Bank in 2003 as a senior economist. Prior to her time in Philadelphia, Wenli was an economist at the Federal Bank of Richmond and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. She was a visiting lecturer at Princeton University from 2015 to 2016. Her article about the benefits and costs of homeownership has been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  

Wenli earned a Ph.D. and M.A. in economics from the University of Minnesota and a B.S. in management information systems from Tsinghua University.

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