Historical data for the Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey reflect revisions based on an annual seasonal adjustment process. See Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey – Seasonal Adjustment Revisions for more information about the latest adjustments (as of January 12, 2023).

Seasonally Adjusted Diffusion Indexes

If you are interested in the history of the published seasonally adjusted diffusion indexes (May 1968 to present), use the following links. Data are available for download in various formats: ASCII tab delimited (.txt), comma delimited text (.csv), or Excel workbook (.xls).

Diffusion index data only:

Data definitions: readme_diffusionindexes.txt

Revised Historical Monthly Data

Revised historical monthly data for all diffusion indexes AND aggregate proportions series (percentage of firms reporting increases, decreases, and no change) are available from May 1968 to the most current release month. Data definitions are outlined in the accompanying "readme.txt" file. The historical data file contains both seasonally adjusted and nonseasonally adjusted diffusion indexes.

Download all historical data series:

Charts and Documentation

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