Large Bank Credit Card and 
Mortgage Data

The Large Bank Credit Card and Mortgage Data are based on FR Y-14M credit card and mortgage data provided by the largest financial institutions in the United States. View the methodology and definitions documentation to get a better understanding of the data.

2023 Q4 Insights Report

Released: April 10, 2024

Nominal credit card balances moved up in the fourth quarter of 2023, establishing a new series high. Card utilization also rose, as is typical at year-end, and consumers with stretched credit lines drew further on those lines. Credit limits increased for more consumers than in the third quarter, especially for those with already-high credit limits.

Fourth quarter 2023 featured the worst card performance in the series. All stages of account-based delinquency reached series highs. Only the 90+ balance-based rate was under its series high, set over a decade ago. As credit performance deteriorated, the median origination credit limit decreased for a second consecutive quarter.

Mortgage originations were the lowest in the series. Originated mortgages hint at a possible change in the risk approach of firms. While credit scores remain steady, median original front-end debt-to-income and loan-to-value are elevated compared with fourth quarter 2021 levels. There was a slight quarter-over-quarter increase in the 30+ days past due rate, but delinquencies are near series lows and well below pre-pandemic levels.

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Data Downloads

Credit Card Balances

FR Y-14M credit card filers provide data on all active consumer bankcard accounts; including cycle-end balances, current credit scores, line changes, and payment behavior metrics.

Credit Card Originations

FR Y-14M credit card filers provide data on all new consumer bankcard commitments, calculated based on initial assigned credit limits alongside original credit scores.

First-Lien Mortgage Balances

FR Y-14M mortgage filers provide data on all closed-end portfolio loans secured by 1-4 family residential real estate. Both first-lien mortgage and first-lien home equity loan balances are reported.

First-Lien Mortgage Originations

FR Y-14M mortgage filers provide data on new first-lien mortgages and first-lien home equity loans held in portfolio. Includes origination loan-to-value (LTV), debt-to-income (DTI), and credit score metrics.


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The respondent panel comprises U.S. bank holding companies, U.S. intermediate holding companies of foreign banking organizations, and covered savings and loan holding companies with $100 billion or more in total consolidated assets. These institutions are required to report credit card or first-lien mortgage data if portfolio balances exceed $5 billion or are material relative to Tier 1 capital. Firms with over $100 billion in total consolidated assets that do not meet these thresholds may also voluntarily provide FR Y-14M data. The reporting provides users with aggregate data on credit card and first-lien mortgages including portfolio composition, credit performance, origination activities, credit card payment behavior, and credit card line utilization. This publication will be released on a quarterly frequency.

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