Satyajit Chatterjee

Satyajit Chatterjee

Vice President and Economist

Areas of Expertise

Satyajit "Chatty" Chatterjee is vice president and economist in the Consumer Finance section of the Research Department During his tenure at the Bank, Chatty has explored many macroeconomic issues that have real-world importance and policy significance, ranging from regional and urban economic growth to sovereign debt and political crises. In his ongoing research, he is collaborating with various academics to research the functioning of the credit card market, specifically credit scoring, to learn why there can be persistent differences in credit scores between individuals, among other critical questions. Chatty aims to understand the consequences of expanding or limiting the set of individual information on which credit scores are built – in particular, the tradeoff between privacy and efficiency.

A former faculty member of the University of Iowa and a visiting fellow at Drexel University’s School of Economics, Chatty continues to promote knowledge sharing as the co-founder and co-organizer of several macroeconomic workshops and conferences.

Chatty holds a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester, master’s degrees from the Delhi School of Economics and the University of Rochester, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delhi, India.