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The pandemic is likely to accelerate the trajectory of automation and exacerbate its likely impact on jobs. This session focuses on the channels through with the pandemic could expedite the pace of automation, evidence from the current and previous recessions, and strategies to mitigate negative consequences from accelerated automation.


  • David H. Autor, Professor, MIT (research)
  • Lei Ding, Senior Economic Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (research)
  • Anne Gemmell, Founder, Future Works Strategy; formerly Director of Special Initiatives, City of Philadelphia
  • Moderator: Susan Wachter, Codirector, Penn Institute for Urban Research, University of Pennsylvania

About Research for Equity in Recovery

A webinar series from Community Development and Regional Outreach at the Philadelphia Fed, cohosted with the Upjohn Institute and the Penn Institute for Urban Research.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented residents across the nation with extreme challenges, leaders in communities across the nation have stepped up to confront these challenges in significant ways. This webinar series focuses on the most up-to-date research and best practices in the field on how to promote a strong and equitable recovery from the pandemic.

Research for Equity in Recovery I: How Job Training Matters
Research for Equity in Recovery II: Place-Based Strategies
Research for Equity in Recovery III: Small Businesses
Research for Equity in Recovery IV: Unemployment Insurance During the COVID Crisis: Lessons for Improving the UI Program

For questions about this series, please contact Lei Ding.