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Welcoming Remarks

Laura Ducceschi, President and CEO, Scranton Area Foundation

Opening Plenary: How Equitable are Transit Systems?

Regional and national experts frame equitable transit challenges and opportunities in Northeastern Pennsylvania and across the country. They will highlight what we know, consider the gaps that exist from the research, practice and policy perspectives, and challenge us to think broadly about innovative solutions.

  • Alex Karner, Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Community and Regional Planning, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Teri Ooms, Executive Director, Institute of Public Policy and Economic Development at Wilkes University (Presentation)
  • Katherine Robb, Policy Analyst, Environmental Health, Center for Public Health Policy, American Public Health Association
  • Moderator: Ida Castro, Vice President for Community Engagement and Chief Diversity Officer, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, and board member, Scranton Area Foundation

Plenary Panel: Connecting Communities to Opportunity

Join leading experts who will reflect on the role of transportation in connecting communities to opportunity. They will share emerging strategies and approaches being implemented in Pennsylvania and across the country that provide residents with greater access and foster equitable regional growth.

  • Roger Cohen, Policy Director, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • Stephanie Gidigbi, Strong, Prosperous, and Resilient Communities Challenge (SPARCC) Policy, Capacity, and Systems Change Director and Senior Adviser, Urban Solutions, NRDC (Presentation)
  • Creighton Randall, Program and Development Director, Shared-Use Mobility Center (Presentation)
  • Moderator: Erin Mierzwa, Strategic Outreach and Engagement Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

At the Intersection of Health and Transit

This session, sponsored by the Moses Taylor Foundation, will take a deep dive into the intersection of transportation and health. Industry expert Katherine Robb will examine the multiple ways transportation impacts health and will share promising transportation policies and practices that promote health equity. Be part of this important conversation and learn more about the ways equitable transit systems promote environmental health, increase public safety, provide healthy food access, and much more.

  • Introduction: LaTida Smith, President and CEO, Moses Taylor Foundation
  • Presenter: Katherine Robb, Policy Analyst, Environmental Health, Center for Public Health Policy, American Public Health Association (Presentation)

Creating a Comprehensive Transit System

How do you create a comprehensive regional transit system? This session will explore regional approaches being adopted across the commonwealth. Hear from transit leaders how public- and private-sector models are intersecting and how different strategies are being leveraged to expand transit access, enhance network efficiency, and maximize limited funding streams.

  • Dave Kilmer, Executive Director, South Central Transit Authority (Presentation)
  • Richard Farr, Executive Director, rabbittransit (Presentation)
  • Moderator: Bob Fiume, Executive Director, County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS)

Enhancing Job Access: Bridging the Workforce, Economic Development, and Transit

Transportation can be a formidable barrier to employment, and having an equitable transit system is essential to fostering inclusive growth. In this session, which highlights new Federal Reserve research, experts will consider innovative strategies emerging from both the public and private sectors that are expanding job access
for regional workforces. They will also reflect on why enhancing job access through transit matters and how it drives economic development.

  • Kyle DeMaria, Community Development Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (Presentation)
  • Bruce J. Reddock, Economic Development Specialist, The Scranton Plan (Presentation)
  • Moderator: Brett Barkley, Senior Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (Presentation)

Keynote Address – The Role of Transportation in Fostering Inclusive Regional Economic Growth

Patrick T. Harker, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Plenary Panel: Advancing Regional Partnerships

This forward-looking panel will consider how NEPA and other regions can deepen cross-sector partnerships to effect positive change and enhance transit networks. They will reflect on emerging policies, programs, and networks to increase community engagement, support equitable transit-oriented development (ETOD), leverage limited funding, and position a region for future success.

  • Paul Aldretti, Program Coordinator, Mile High Connects in Denver
  • Brian Ebersole, Director, Springboard Health, Geisinger
  • Ernie Hogan, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group
  • Patrick Jordan, Senior Director, Enterprise Advisors
  • Maureen McGuigan, Deputy Director, Lackawanna County Arts and Culture Department
  • Moderator: Laura Ducceschi

Emerging Ideas and Next Steps for the Region

Brian Ebersole

Closing Remarks

Laura Ducceschi