The Consumer Finance Institute (CFI) and the Supervisory Research and Policy Forum (SURF) are co-organizing the Fourth Workshop on Payments, Lending, and Innovations in Consumer Finance on October 26–27.

This year’s workshop focuses on three important topics that are likely to shape the consumer finance industry over the next few years: financial innovation and payments, the current state of consumer credit with particular attention to revolving credit, and the implications of adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) innovations in consumer finance.

As in prior years, the workshop will give regulators, industry experts, and the academic community an opportunity to share their knowledge, research, experiences, and views. The workshop will include keynote speakers, expert panels, and industry/academic presentations.

Following the workshop, SURF will co-organize a joint regulatory round table with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which will be open only to accredited staff from regulatory agencies to lead the exchange of ideas across regulatory bodies.

To view the agenda and to register, please click here.

More About the Conference

Financial Innovations and Payments

We have seen a recent acceleration in the secular decline in the use of cash as well as an uptick in innovation of digital payments, currency, and assets. These innovations present challenges and opportunities in the payment services and digital asset ecosystem in the U.S. and internationally. Although responsible developments in these areas have the potential to benefit consumers, progress requires engagement by businesses, governments, and consumers. Our presenters and panelists will discuss innovations in digital payments and consumer adoption as well as the use of new payment products and will address emerging policy and regulatory considerations. The discussion will also focus on the role of payments innovations in expanding the access and ease of use among consumers, with a focus on reaching the underserved.

Consumer Finance and Revolving Credit

The pace of innovation in the consumer finance space has accelerated in recent years, especially in unsecured consumer credit. Competition between new entrants and incumbent firms has increased access and financing options for consumers. In addition, some of the changes in consumer behavior arising during the pandemic may have persistent effects. The conference will delve into these issues, the current industry landscape, and the future of consumer finance.

Industry ML/AI Adoption

Recent advances in machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) are transforming traditional lending functions throughout the consumer life cycle. The pace of innovation and adoption of ML/AI technologies is generating new challenges and raising new questions about the use and impact of these technologies. In particular, the use of ML in credit risk modeling has raised issues of fairness and equity across society. Our presenters and panelists will highlight issues in consumer lending and fairness and address how ML/AI can be leveraged to not only improve model predictive accuracy but to achieve more equitable financial outcomes.

Organizing Committee

  • José J. Canals-Cerdá (SURF)
  • Iris Gonzalez (SURF)
  • Larry Santucci (CFI)
  • Nicole Rizzo (CFI)
  • We acknowledge the support of our Strategic Communications & Digital Engagement and Information Technology Services departments.