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SRC upholds the belief that outreach is the responsibility of every employee and business unit in the department. Fundamentally, outreach is about teaching and learning, and the primary purpose of SRC's outreach initiatives is to share information, knowledge, and experiences with the institutions that we supervise in a nonexamination setting.

In today's rapidly changing banking environment, effective communication is a critical element to the continued success of all participants. As change envelops the industry, financial institutions are increasingly turning to SRC for information and guidance outside the examination cycle. Outreach takes a variety of forms and is undertaken using a variety of processes:

  • Bankers' Forums (For Bankers Only)
  • Directors Workshop (For Directors Only)
  • Online Training for Bank Directors
  • Partnership for Progress program

SRC continues to pursue outreach initiatives that will help to ensure the safety and soundness of Third District institutions for today's environment and tomorrow's.

National Information Center

The National Information Center (NIC) External Link is a central repository of data on institutions in which the Federal Reserve has a supervisory, regulatory, or research interest.


Online Training - Bank Directors

The Bank Director's Desktop External Link features resources, references, training, and other materials designed to help commercial bank directors perform their duties. It is primarily aimed at helping new board members better understand their roles and responsibilities, but it also includes useful information for more experienced directors.

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