Monthly Vintages (Index level, seasonally adjusted. Base period varies across vintages.)

The entire time-series history for each vintage (column) is available to the public at the vintage date shown in the column header.

First-, Second-, and Third-Release Values (Units indicated in the file)

For each observation, we report the appropriate values from each vintage that correspond with the statistical agency's first-, second-, and third-release values for that observation. (We also report the values as they appear in the most recent vintage available when we ran our programs.)


Please review the documentation for information on our data collection methods, data sources, and any specific information on this variable.

  • General and specific notes on all hours indexes (40 KB, 13 pages)
  • Release Dates: (35 KB) The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia thanks Francis Horvath and other staff at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, for giving us a file of release dates for the data from the U.S. labor market. Beginning with the release of February 8, 1966, the dates cover data from the CPS, such as the unemployment rate, and the CES, such as nonfarm payroll employment and indexes of hours worked. For additional details on release dates, see the Philadelphia Fed's documentation on real-time data.
  • Notes on first-, second-, and third-release values (105 KB, 10 pages)