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Dover Market

Market Definitions

DE – Kent County plus the City of Milford in Sussex County

The following table is based on June 30, 2006 FDIC/OTS Summary of Deposits data .

Warning: These data are not updated for mergers and acquisitions; therefore, they should not be used for regulatory applications.

Statistics Data
# Institutions in Market 11
# Branches 37
Total Deposits (banks and 50% thrifts; $millions) 1,718.3
Total Deposits (all institutions; $millions) 1,781.4
HHI (including 50% thrift deposits) 1944
HHI (all institutions) 1830
4-Firm Concentration Ratio (including 50% thrift deposits) 79.6%
4-Firm Concentration Ratio (all institutions) 76.8%

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