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Management and Policy Committee

Charles I. Plosser
President and
Chief Executive Officer

D. Blake Prichard
First Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer

Loretta J. Mester
Executive Vice President and
Director of Research

Donna L. Franco
Senior Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Terry E. Harris
Senior Vice President and
Chief Information Officer

Mary Ann Hood
Senior Vice President and EEO Officer

Arun K. Jain
Senior Vice President

William W. Lang
Senior Vice President and
Lending Officer

Jeanne R. Rentezelas
Vice President and General Counsel

Milissa M. Tadeo
Senior Vice President of
Corporate Affairs

Herbert E. Taylor
Vice President and Corporate Secretary

Management and Policy Committee
Seated clockwise from front: Charles Plosser, Arun Jain, Mary Ann Hood, Terry Harris, Milissa Tadeo, Donna Franco, Herb Taylor, and Blake Prichard. Standing left to right: Jeanne Rentezelas, William Lang, and Loretta Mester.