Shawn Futch

Shawn Futch

Financial Institutions Outreach Associate

Area of Expertise

Shawn Futch is a financial institutions outreach associate. In this role, Shawn connects with bankers and chambers of commerce in our region to share information on relevant and emerging topics such as commercial real estate, small business lending, and digital currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The relationships that Shawn and his team build with financial industry leaders allow the Bank to share new research and information with stakeholders in the Third District. They also help the Bank understand how financial institutions are adopting new technologies and faring in the current economic environment. These two-way conversations help the Bank ensure a sound regional and U.S. financial system and economy.

Shawn joined the Bank in 2020 as a fellow in the Leadership Fellows Program. As part of the program, he completed two analyst assignments in our Community Development and Regional Outreach and Enterprise Risk Management departments.

Shawn is an M.B.A. candidate at the University of Delaware and has a bachelor of science in international business from the same institution.