Chantel Gerardo

Chantel Gerardo

Strategic Action Advisor

Area of Expertise

In her work as a strategic action advisor, Chantel is focused on making connections. The need for this work came to light during the COVID-19 pandemic, which surfaced several important opportunities for strategic alignment across Bank departments. As the outbreak evolved, researchers and staff from throughout the organization worked closely to identify emerging needs and plan for new research, localized data collection, and virtual convenings that helped partners make informed decisions about serving their communities during the pandemic.

Chantel is often seen as the connection hub for the Bank, working alongside leaders and staff to ensure that outreach and engagement programs are aligned and support strong local economies in the Third District. Through these connections, Chantel gleans critical insights from community stakeholders — bankers, local business owners, public officials, nonprofit leaders, academic partners, and others — that aid in guiding the Bank’s research topics, community engagement programs, and external events and trainings throughout the Third District.

Previously, Chantel served as a writing consultant and led Bank-wide writing workshops as part of the Supervision, Regulation, and Credit department’s Writing Center. She is also passionate about women’s issues and currently chairs the Bank’s Women United Employee Resource Group, which provides members with opportunities to increase women's participation in self, career, and leadership development at the Bank. Chantel has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Temple University, and a bachelor’s degree in English from Salisbury University.