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The Fed Today

The Fed TodayJoin radio and television journalist Charles Osgood as he explains the workings of the Federal Reserve System.

This 13-minute video covers the Fed's history from its creation in 1914 to the technological innovations of 21st century banking. It explores the structure of the Fed as well as monetary policy, banking supervision, financial services, and more.

Viewing "The Fed Today"

Although “The Fed Today” video can no longer be ordered, you can view the streaming video YouTube (YouTube video, 13:59) and download the companion brochure PDF (PDF, 201 KB, 10 pages).

Lesson Plans and Activities

The following lesson plans and activities should be used with "The Fed Today" video. Economics, government, and history teachers will find the following detailed lesson plans helpful when teaching about the Fed, money, and banking.

Did You Know?

There is a complete set of lesson plans and activities developed in conjunction with the video and/or DVD that you can use in a classroom setting.