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Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Intersections: Fall 2006

Lessons to Accompany the Money in Motion Exhibit

Six lessons were developed to accompany the Money in Motion exhibit. The lessons help teachers focus student learning during school visits to the exhibit and provide a pedagogically sound means to teach elementary, middle, and high school students about money, banking, personal finance, and the Federal Reserve System. The lessons are available online at

Each of the six lessons includes grade-appropriate pre-visit, at-the-exhibit, and post-visit activities. In this way, each lesson guides the teacher on how to prepare students for a visit to the Money in Motion exhibit, provides activities for students to work on while at the exhibit, and provides activities for the teacher to use to assess what students learned at the exhibit and build on that understanding. The lessons were written using the National Council on Economic Education’s 10-point lesson model, which includes a lesson introduction, a lesson description, grade level, economic concepts taught in the lesson, a list of content standards covered by the lesson, student-centered learning objectives, the time required to complete the lesson, a complete list of materials, procedures for carrying out all of the activities, lesson closure, and assessment items. All visuals and activity sheets are included with each lesson. The lessons have been designed to encourage active and collaborative learning.

Andrew T. Hill, Ph.D.

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