Julapa Jagtiani

Julapa Jagtiani

Senior Economic Advisor and Economist, Supervision, Regulation, and Credit

Phone: (215) 574-7284
Email: Julapa.Jagtiani@phil.frb.org

Areas of Expertise

  • Small Business Lending
  • Fintech
  • Mortgage Modification, Foreclosure, Strategic Default
  • Capital and Liquidity

About Julapa Jagtiani

Julapa Jagtiani joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia as a special advisor in the Supervision, Regulation, and Credit Department in 2008. In this role, she has conducted research and participated in or led several supervisory policy and implementation projects, including CCAR stress testing, recovery and resolution plans, and Basel II qualification reviews for large and complex financial institutions, with a focus on the use of quantitative methods and models for risk management. She is also a fellow member of the Wharton Financial Institutions Center and a Central Bank Research Fellow at the Bank for International Settlements.

Previously, Jagtiani was a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Banks of Kansas City and Chicago. Before joining the Federal Reserve System in 1998, she was associate professor of finance at Baruch College and assistant professor of finance at Syracuse University.

Jagtiani has made significant contributions in the fields of financial institutions, financial markets, and bank supervision and regulation. She publishes research in top finance journals, organizes conferences to connect regulators with academics and industry leaders, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and forums. Her research areas include banking policy-related issues, including too big to fail, systemic risk and financial stability, Basel II capital regulations, mergers and acquisitions, mortgages and home equity issues, and credit risk models and management. Her more recent research has focused on issues related to fintech, use of alternative data and AI/ML in credit decisions, small business lending, and community bank mergers.

Jagtiani has been active in the community and has served on the board of directors and finance committees at various organizations, including the Leadership Council Board of Directors for the American Red Cross, the Center for Practical Bioethics, and the Parents Council at Johns Hopkins University; she also belongs to the Union League of Philadelphia. Jagtiani has a Ph.D. in finance and an M.B.A. from New York University’s Stern School of Business, where she held the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship.

Select Publications

Working Papers

Articles in Refereed Journals

  • “Redefault Risk in the Aftermath of the Mortgage Crisis: Why Did Modifications Improve More Than Self-Cures?” (with P. Calem and R.Q. Maingi) Journal of Real Estate Research, forthcoming in 2020.
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