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Data Dictionary

The Payment Cards Center Data Dictionary provides information on relevant industry statistics to researchers and others interested in the payment card industry. Gathering payment card industry data can be difficult because there are often multiple sources for seemingly similar statistics. Definitions and calculations of statistics are also difficult to find and interpret. To address these problems, PCC staff has developed this dictionary of industry statistics and, where necessary, has worked with analysts at source institutions to confirm definition and calculation details.

The dictionary is a work in progress, and additional statistical categories will be added over time. Statistics about the following are described in the dictionary: credit cards, debit cards, ATMs, and consumer credit.


The Payment Cards Center Data Dictionary is not a source of data but rather a source of descriptions of data. Instead of collecting data, it identifies the relevant sources of data that can be accessed in electronic format and provides researchers with definitions and information about the data. Most of the data are publicly available and are so marked. Others require a subscription or license to use the source.

Organization of Contents

The dictionary is separated into different data categories. Content is organized in a standard and consistent format. Each page identifies the selected data category, followed by information on the source, time series available, and a series of definitional points that provide greater detail on the nature of the data.

Users can view the individual entries by selecting a statistic from the tabbed menu below. A PDF version of the Data Dictionary PDF (298 KB, 36 pages) is also available.

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  • Last update: August 12, 2009

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