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Cascade: No. 66, Fall 2007

District News

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh has placed new emphasis in its Affordable Housing Program on projects that reflect broad stakeholder collaboration and community-wide planning. The deadline for AHP applications for the 2007-B funding round is September 27, 2007. For information, contact John Bendel at (800) 288-3400; www.fhlb-pgh.com. External Link

The Housing Assistance Council, a national nonprofit that supports the development of rural low-income housing, has launched a Rural Housing Data Portal, a searchable database with access to social, economic, and housing data. Go to www.ruralhome.org/dataportal. External Link

Infill Philadelphia, a five-year initiative of the Community Design Collaborative, promotes innovative design solutions for the reuse of obsolete or underutilized buildings and sites in older urban neighborhoods. See www.infillphiladelphia.org. External Link

Going Comprehensive: Anatomy of an Initiative That Worked examines the Comprehensive Community Revitalization Program, a community building program in the South Bronx, and is available at www.lisc.org/content/publications/detail/5396. External Link

Papers from the 2007 Federal Reserve System Community Affairs Research Conference are at www.chicagofed.org/cedric/papers_index.cfm. External Link The conference focused on the factors governing the availability of credit and capital within a changing financial services environment.