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Cascade: No. 60, Winter 2005

PolicyLink Report Proposes Action for Equitable Opportunity

A new report from PolicyLink entitled Shared Prosperity, Stronger Regions: An Agenda for Rebuilding America’s Older Core Cities explores how older core cities can become economically competitive and socially inclusive places.

PolicyLink prepared the report at the request of the Community Development Partnerships’ Network and community development organizations in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Detroit. The organizations include the Philadelphia Neighborhood Development Collaborative.

The report recommends strategies, including promoting economic development and equitable transportation, reclaiming vacant properties, increasing affordable housing, expanding opportunities for low-income residents, and leveraging neighborhood institutions such as universities and hospitals.

Working groups, which are being formed by the Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition, will examine metropolitan growth and equitable development issues in the Philadelphia region. For information on the working groups, contact Don Kelly at (215) 851-1738 or dkelly@gpuac.org. For information on the report, contact Radhika Fox at (510) 663-2333 or radhika@policylink.org; www.policylink.org.