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Cascade: No. 60, Winter 2005

Video on Lending Abuses and Discussion Papers

Community Development Studies and Education recently produced a video and two discussion papers.

  • Buried by Debt: The Dangers of Borrowing
    This is a 14-minute video designed to raise awareness about lending abuses. The video was developed by Marvin M. Smith, others at the Philadelphia Fed, and consumers. It is available in English and with Spanish subtitles in DVD and VHS versions.
  • The Impact of Housing Rehabilitation on Local Neighborhoods: The Case of St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society
    St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society is a nonprofit in Camden, NJ. The report, by Marvin M. Smith and Christy Chung Hevener, concludes: “While we cannot establish causality and attribute all the positive effects entirely to SJCS, our analysis indicates patterns of positive association of certain neighborhood variables and home prices with SJCS’s work.”
  • Financial Resources for the Environment: The Unsuccessful Attempt to Create a Private Financing Intermediary for Brownfield Redevelopment Projects
    This is a report prepared by Keith Welks, who served as chief counsel in the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources from 1987 to 1994 and who participated in the planning process of the intermediary.

These products are available at no charge. To order the video, go to http://www.philadelphiafed.org/publications/order-form/buried-by-debt. The discussion papers can be seen at www.philadelphiafed.org/cca/pubs.html#discussion. For a printed copy of either discussion paper, contact Jeri Cohen at jeri.cohen@phil.frb.org.