By pairing interested banks with eligible community development activities, LINC facilitates communication and collaboration between banks and the community development sector, and it creates a community of learning about new opportunities and innovations in bridging capital and communities under the CRA.

The Program

Interested participants from community-based organizations are asked to participate in a training designed to enhance their knowledge on the CRA’s application and to build a framework for discussing their work in the context of the CRA. Trainings are offered in both in person and as webinars and provide a high-level overview of the CRA and the steps needed to create an effective partnership. They also address documentation, planning, and best practices to frame a community development project under the CRA.

Application Process

Interested nonprofits that complete a training will be invited to submit an application with an organizational profile to LINC. If the organization is selected for the LINC Exchange, it will have the opportunity to present a project and connect with community banks in the region. Upcoming training events and/or webinars will be posted on this page.

Please contact Tesia Lemelle (215-574-3931) with any questions.

The application for the program is currently closed. Please check back for updates on future opportunities.


NOTE: The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia is not a grantmaking organization. The purpose of the Leveraging Lending and Investments for Communities (LINC) program is to facilitate education, information sharing, and potential opportunities related to the CRA. The Philadelphia Fed does not endorse or make any representations as to the propriety or suitability of the participating organizations, investments, or programs. Organizations should perform their own due diligence before engaging in any transactions with these entities to ensure that any such transactions meet the organization's objectives.