It also includes an interview with Sandra Braunstein of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors on the Federal Reserve’s role in community development, a Mapping Our Community feature on the distribution of household income, and a memorial to Frederick Heldring, former Philadelphia bank CEO and a founder of the Delaware Valley Mortgage Plan.

In this issue:

  • Asset Diversification and Low Debt Are the Keys to Building and Maintaining Wealth - Ray Boshara and William Emmons
  • Message from the Community Affairs Officer - Theresa Y. Singleton
  • The Federal Reserve’s Role in Community Development — An Interview with Sandra Braunstein
  • Why Do the Unbanked Use Alternative Financial Services? - Lisa J. Servon
  • Mapping Our Community: The Distribution of Household Income - Keith Wardrip
  • Using Tax-Time Savings Programs to Build Assets - Daniel Hochberg
  • Student Loans: A Primer - Thomas Hylands
  • Spotlight on Research: Cities for Financial Empowerment Effort - Marvin M. Smith
  • In Memoriam: Frederick Heldring
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