The sixth installment of our virtual event series focused on the impact of racism on entrepreneurs of color. The session examined solutions that challenge persistent disparities and explore the potential for entrepreneurship to serve as one pathway to transform economic outcomes for communities of color and the broader economy.

Event Agenda

Welcome, Nicole Childers, Marketplace

Opening Remarks, Patrick Harker, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Keynote Conversation

  • Robert E. Weems Jr., Wichita State University

Moderator: Neel Kashkari, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Entrepreneur Panel

  • Carmen Tapio, North End Teleservices LLC
  • Sanjay Singh, Pack Health and Alabama Capital Network
  • Glynn Lloyd, Foundation for Business Equity

Moderator: Nicole Childers, Marketplace

Disruptor Panel – Proposal Presentations

  • The "Right to Start" Can Expand Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Communities of Color and Beyond, Victor Hwang, Right to Start
  • Reimagining Supplier Diversity, Kelly Burton, Black Innovation Alliance
  • The UMPC: Underserved Markets Capital Program, Monika Mantilla, Altura Capital

Moderator: Nicole Childers, Marketplace

Entrepreneur Panel Responses, Moderator: Nicole Childers, Marketplace

Disruptor and Entrepreneur Panel Discussion, Moderator: Nicole Childers, Marketplace

Reflections on the Event and the Role of the Fed

  • Raphael Bostic, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Charles Evans, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Robert Kaplan, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Moderator: Nicole Childers, Marketplace

Closing Remarks, Raphael Bostic, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta