Financial industry CEOs, leaders, and professionals working on the frontlines of information security and law enforcement were invited to join the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia for a special daylong event, C3: Cybersecurity Collaboration & Cooperation. At the 10th Banker and Law Enforcement Cybersecurity Conference, experts in the field of cybersecurity offered updates on the latest in trending topics, including:

  • Third-party cyber risk
  • Operational and cloud risk
  • Delaware Valley Intelligence Center
  • Ransomware awareness
  • Approach to “SolarWinds” type of incidents

Featured speakers included: 

  • Philadelphia Fed President and CEO Patrick Harker 
  • Federal Reserve System CISO Tammy Hornsby-Fink
  • XPAN Law Cofounder and Managing Partner Rebecca Rakoski
  • Franco Cappa, Department of Homeland Security