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Overview of Household Balance Sheets

Ray Boshara will present the big picture of household balance sheets, as well as the tools and policies needed to create and strengthen financial capability. He will also share emerging research related to household balance sheets, lending patterns, and assets.

  • Ray Boshara, Senior Adviser and Assistant Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - Presentation | Video

Assets Building

The panel will focus on asset building, highlighting innovative and effective models, as well as strategies that have been used to integrate asset building into current programs.

  • Kate Griffin, Director of Savings & Financial Security, Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) - Presentation | Video
  • Nikia Owens, Director of Income and Financial Stability Community Impact, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey - Presentation
  • Jeff Lubell, Director of Housing Initiatives, Abt Associates - Presentation | Video
  • Moderator: Ray Boshara

Overview Presentation

Credit scores are a gateway to credit and are one indicator of risk that lenders use in the underwriting process. How are lenders interpreting credit scores and how might that change? What other trends in credit scoring are contributing to greater access to credit and consumer education, such as an increase in the percentage of the population with a credit score, the treatment of paid collection debt, and the proliferation of free credit scores? And what are the common misperceptions that consumers have about credit scoring?

  • Barrett Burns, President and CEO, VantageScore Solutions LLC - Presentation | Video

Coaching and Counseling Models in Practice

This panel will highlight programs being used to build financial capability. Panelists will share program highlights and discuss the policy and product resources needed to bring counseling and coaching programs to scale.

  • Laura D’Alessandro, Program Officer, Family Income and Wealth Building, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) - Presentation | Video
  • Anita Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Clarifi - Presentation
  • Mary Dupont, Director of Financial Empowerment, $tand By Me, Delaware - Presentation | Video
  • Peter Rose, Managing Director of Community Enterprises, Isles Financial Solutions Inc. - Presentation | Video
  • Moderator: Jennifer Farland, Communications Manager, Asset Funders Network

View video of remarks from subject matter expert Patricia Hasson, President, Clarifi.