For many Americans, owning a home is an effective tool for building household — and generational — wealth. Yet not all Americans have shared in this prosperity. Historical and systemic barriers to homeownership have long stood in the way of households of color, resulting in significant racial disparities in homeownership and neighborhood disinvestment that persist nationwide. With rapidly increasing house prices and interest rates, more innovative and strategic programs are needed to narrow the racial homeownership gap.

As a follow-up to the 2022 webinar series, Advancing Homeownership Opportunity to Narrow Racial Disparities, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, the Urban Institute, and the Penn Institute for Urban Research provided an update on strategies for expanding homeownership opportunities for lower-income households and households of color. Download the agenda for full program details.

Speaker Presentations  

  • Stacey Shifman, Senior Director, Single-Family Analytics and Modeling, Fannie Mae; download
  • Nicole Montecalvo, Chief Capital Officer, Home Partners of America
  • George W. McCarthy, President and CEO, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy; download
  • Robin Wiessmann, Executive Director and CEO, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency; download

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