At the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, we understand the vital role diversity, equity, and inclusion plays in encouraging economic growth and financial stability. Each year, the Bank’s Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ODEI) hosts the DEI forum to engage in thoughtful conversations about the opportunities and challenges of fostering diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces.

Keynote Speaker and Panelists

Keynote speaker Catherine Ewell, senior vice president at Seramount, discussed how organizations can make a clear connection to business outcomes and ways to empower DEI leaders when making the case for progress over the bottom line. Seramount’s latest research shows how linking DEI to urgent business goals can bolster DEI’s value to the organization and the importance of moving beyond the conventional understanding of “the business case” for diversity.

We heard from a lineup of industry experts and practitioners as part of the morning's panel. They joined us live from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

  • Leigh Morrison, Learning and Innovation Manager at The Winters Group
  • David Rhoden, VP Culture & Inclusion at Chubb
  • Erika Whyte, VP, Director of DEI at Janney Montgomery Scott

Moving DEI Forward in Times of Uncertainty

Building a strong and inclusive work environment has become a priority for companies and organizations. Research has shown the value that diverse teams and inclusive workplaces bring to the bottom line in terms of productivity and innovation, as well as DEI's long-term benefits in attracting and retaining an engaged workforce.

As organizations continue to evolve and grow, how can DEI leaders and practitioners be empowered to sustain this progress? Are there opportunities for chief diversity officers and DEI practitioners to support and drive business goals? In what ways are inclusive leaders communicating the value that DEI brings to employees, staff, and clients? We explored these questions and more during this year’s forum.