Financial Statistics

Electronic Submission Contacts

Information pertinent to electronic submission of data prepared for the Federal Reserve. Includes sign-up form, user guides, and contact information.

Deposits Reports

FR 2900, FR 2915

Regulatory Reports

FFIEC 002/S, FFIEC 019, FFIEC 030/S, FFIEC 031/041/051, FFIEC 101, FFIEC 102, FR 2314/S, FR 2320, FR2502Q, FR 2886B, FR LL-(b)11, FR Y7N/NS/Q, FR Y-8,  FR Y-9C, FR Y-9CS, FR Y-9ES, FR Y-9LP, FR Y-9SP, FR Y-11/S, FR Y-12/A, FR Y-14Q/A, FR Y-15

Financial Reports

FR 2028B/D/S, FR 2248, FR 2644, FR 2835, FR 2835A, and SLOOS

Structure Reports

FR Y-6, FR Y-7, and FR Y-10